Weird Things That Happen in Outer Space

1. Mysterious Radio Signals:

Since 2007, researchers have been receiving ultrastrong, ultrabright radio signals lasting only a few milliseconds. These enigmatic flashes have been called fast radio bursts, and they appear to be coming from billions of light-years away (they're not aliens, it's never aliens). 


On Earth, matter typically assumes one of three states: solid, liquid, or gas. But in space, 99.9% of normal matter is in an entirely different form — plasma. Made of loose ions and electrons, this substance is in a supercharged state beyond gas that’s created when matter is heated to extreme temperatures or is plied with a strong electric current.

Space is brimming with such invisible magnetic fields that shape the paths of plasma. Around Earth the same magnetic field that makes compasses point north directs plasma through the space around our planet. On the Sun, magnetic fields launch solar flares and direct belches of plasma, known as the solar wind, that travel across the solar system.

Magnetic Explosions:

Magnetic reconnection happens all across the universe wherever there are twisting magnetic fields. NASA missions like the Magnetospheric Multiscale mission measure reconnection events around Earth, which helps scientists understand reconnection where it’s harder to study, like in flares on the Sun, in areas surrounding black holes, and around other stars.

4.The Bizarre Star:

Different theories were invoked, including the possibility of an alien megastructure, but nowadays, most researchers believe the star to be surrounded by an abnormal ring of dust that's causing the darkening.

Rogue Planet with Auroras:

Drifting through the galaxy are rogue planets, which have been flung away from their parent star by gravitational forces. This is strong enough to generate flashing auroras in its atmosphere, which can be seen with radio telescopes.