What Happens If You Eat Fevikwik?

What Happens If You Eat Fevikwik?

Does Fevikwik damage your body parts?

The simple answer is NO. Fevikwik does not affect your any body parts. Fevikwik contains cyanoacrylate glue. The same component is used to form ‘Bio glue’ which has many uses in medicine from aortic surgery to skin approximation.

It produces local heat by chemical reaction. So soon after application, that local part feels warmer than surrounding tissue.

Blood naturally contains at least 5 major known substances that prevent clotting. Every organ in the body is contained in his own ‘bag’; anatomically we call them capsule, peritoneum, pericardium, pleura, meninges, adventitia etc; which prevent them from sticking together.

What will happen if Fevikwik goes into eyes?

Feviquick or Fevikwik will not do any permanent damage. Do not rub your eyes. Wash the eye with clean water. Quickly eyes will stick together.

Fevikwik is an instant adhesive that can repair tiles, whether they are in the shower, kitchen or swimming pool. Due to its waterproof and quick-bonding capabilities, the joint is as good as new and saves money otherwise spent on re-tiling a bathroom.

How do you remove Fevikwik from skin?

Fevikwik does not burn the skin. If Fevikwik gets stuck to the fingers - Do not force open. Dip the affected fingers in cold or warm water. When separated, fingers will have residue strongly stuck to the fingers, which will fall off within a day.