These 5 Countries Do Not Have Army On The Border

These 5 Countries Do Not Have Army On The Border

Those five countries of the world, which do not have an army of their own.

The security of the country is essential for everyone. And when it comes to the security of any country, two pictures emerge in our mind. The first army and the second police. The police and the military handle the security of each country. While the responsibility of the police is for the internal security of the country, then the responsibility of the army is for the external security i.e. the security of the border.

It is very important to have police and army in every country. But today we are going to tell you about some countries which have police but do not have any army. Some of these countries bear the responsibility of security.

1. Vatican City

The first name, in this case, comes from Vatican City. This country is the smallest country in the world, it does not have any army (army) of any kind. Although there used to be Noble Guards here a few years ago, in 1970, this institution was demolished. The Italian Army is responsible for the security of this country.

2. Monaco

Monaco is also a small country in the world, which has not had any kind of army since the 17th century. However, there are two small troops here, one of which protects the prince and one of the citizens. The French Army provides protection to it.

3. Mauritius

It is followed by Mauritius, which is known due to the multicultural country. There is no army of any kind since 1968. However, there are 10,000 police personnel, who handle both internal and external security.

4. Iceland

The fourth name comes from Iceland, the second largest island in Europe. Iceland is a very good country in terms of beauty. There is no army here since 1869. This country is a member of NATO and the responsibility of its security lies with the US.

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a country in the Caribbean region of Central America, has not had any troops since 1948. A fierce civil war broke out here in 1948, after which this country ended its army. This country is one of the largest countries without military operations. However, the police are there to solve internal matters.