Whatsapp New Feature | Verify Forwarded Message

Whatsapp New Feature | Verify Forwarded Message

Finally, Whatsapp is testing a new feature to verify forwarded message

With the Covid-19 outbreak, many cities around the world are on lockdown and other people are advised to remain home, to scale back the danger of spreading and contracting the virus. In this time reception, tons of individuals are sharing tons of data online – some true, and lots of of them false. WhatsApp being a really popular messenger, it is a platform for all types of data being exchanged.

However, at this time, while everyone needs to be careful, we have no scope of people being misguided with false information. To counter this problem, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow users to verify all the forwarded messages they receive. WhatsApp has also confirmed the feature being in testing.

While we have reached out to WhatsApp to confirm the feature and how it works, Mumbai Mirror has reported about the same, which says that in the new feature, a magnifying glass will show next to a forwarded message, that will let the users search the content of that message on a web browser.

Per the report, once a user taps on the magnifying glass icon, a pop-up asks the user if they would like to search that content on the web. If you agree to it, then the message gets pasted and searched on Google.

Essentially, it's like copying and pasting a message the online, but with the feature, you get a shortcut to try to an equivalent. Reportedly, the feature has begun to roll out to pick beta testers, and it's going to soon be introduced on the stable version, as well.