What Is The Difference Between Lockdown And Curfew?

What Is The Difference Between Lockdown And Curfew?

The main difference between lockdown and Curfew is:

The Indian government has declared a lockdown in the entire country for the next 21 days, but some people are saying that it is a curfew. To overcome this difference, we have explained the difference between curfew and lockdown in this article.

Before knowing the difference between curfew and lockdown, it is important to know the definition and purpose of these two.

What is Curfew?

The curfew issued by the administration is a strict order to keep people off the roads, which all individuals and institutions have to abide by. The curfew is imposed in a particular area for a few days or hours. 

Typically, curfew; Implemented due to communal riots, terrorist incident or any formidable disaster. During the curfew, markets, schools, colleges, etc. are closed and other services are also suspended.

What Is The Difference Between Lockdown And Curfew?

If a person or organization does not comply with this order, they can be fined or arrested by the police. During the curfew, people are forced to stay indoors for a few hours, but the curfew is also lifted to allow people to buy essential goods, which is called relaxation of the curfew.

Its basic purpose is to maintain peace and order in the country and the state.

What is Lockdown?

Lockdown is an emergency-like system, under which private and government offices (except a few), private establishments and public transport are completely closed. It is a temporary system adopted by the government.

What Is The Difference Between Lockdown And Curfew?

Its basic purpose is to reduce personal contact between people to prevent the spread of any contaminated disease, etc.

In India, Prime Minister Modi has announced a lockdown for the next 21 days to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

Difference Between Curfew and Lockdown

1. During the curfew, all the essential services and markets remain closed for a period but the essential services and essential markets/shops are not closed in lockdown.

2. During the curfew, essential services like markets, schools, colleges, and banks remain closed, people get the benefit of all these services when the curfew is relaxed.
While during lockdown; Necessary services like a bank, ATM, gas agency, post office, fire office, hospital, medical store, milk booth, etc. are open to the general public.

3. Curfew is imposed for a specified number of hours in a particular area, but lockdown is usually carried out for a much longer period.

4. Normally, the curfew is imposed in the country in the atmosphere of any communal riots, terrorist incident, etc. but the lockdown is imposed in a special situation such as currently declared a lockdown in the entire country for 21 days due to COVID-19 has gone.

5. The duration and coverage of curfew are less than the lockdown as it has been reported that the lockdown has been declared for 21 days across the country.

Whereas curfew is usually imposed for a few hours in one district or tehsil. like; The administration imposes curfew as a precaution when a terrorist incident or riot occurs or is suspected to occur in some areas of Kashmir.