Did You Know The Color of a Mirror?

Did You Know What is The Color of a Mirror?

The Color of a Mirror isn't What You'd Expect

A mirror may look silver as a result of it's always pictured that the way in books or movies. It’s the color of whatever is reflected onto it.

What is the real color of the mirror?

The answer is truly astonishingly that it is a faint shade of light green.
The majority of house mirrors are created using a soda-lime silicon oxide glass substrate and a silver backing. This mixture is what gives mirrors their green hue, though you wouldn’t understand it simply by looking at your own reflection.

Why perfect white mirror doesn’t exist?

The 'smart' white refers to a very perfect mirror, which does not really exist within the world, and not on your bedroom wall.
The reason that you simply can’t see your reflection in a sheet of paper is that white objects scatter light in all different directions, whereas mirrors replicate light back within the same direction they came from.

Did You Know What is The Color of a Mirror?

Why the color of the mirror is green?

The shade becomes noticeable when two mirrors are placed in front of every other mirror, making the infinite variety of reflections known as a mirror tunnel.
In their 2004 paper, researchers Raymond L. Lee, Jr. and Javier Hernandez-Andres mention paying a visit to the museum in Grenada, Spain to measure pictures generated by the mirror tunnel there. They found that the mirrors best- reflected light at wavelengths between 495 and 570 nanometers that we tend to understand as green.
So, in reality, mirrors are a really tiny big green. 

Reflections in mirror tunnel:

As light bounces back and forth from one mirror to the next, the mirror’s reflective capabilities step by step weaken. If somebody is staring at the reflection made in a mirror tunnel, the light waves have already been reflected many times over before reaching their eyes, so making the green color of the mirror’s material more prominent.