The Haunted Place In Hyderabad | Ramoji Film City

The Haunted Place In Hyderabad | Ramoji Film City

The Ramoji Film City in India is found in Hyderabad

Spread over 1666 acres, it is the largest integrated film city in the world and as such has been certified by the Guinness World Records as the largest studio complex in the world.

What’s the dark secret about the city?

One of the foremost famed film cities in India, the Ramoji Film town is actually a treat to go to during the day time. However, being the celluloid and therefore the beautiful film sets lies a deep dark secret that terrifies anybody who dares to mess with it.

The film town is the inspiration of filmmaker Ramoji Rao, who wished to create a studio kind of like those in Hollywood. On procuring the land, he signed stage director Nitish Roy to design the complex.

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Is it the place to visit alone?

It is said that the film city was built on top of the remains of many dead soldiers. The souls of these soldiers still haunt the sets. There have been several incidents where stuntmen have gotten injured, lights have gone off, mirrors have been marked or pieces of equipment have been ruined. Some actors have also been locked inside their rooms!

According to witnesses, the spotlights are seen drop-off, light men are pushed, strange marks have appeared on mirrors, and lots of crew members have had severe injuries. Females have even intimated their garments being torn off by a mystical force or being barred in rooms from inside.

The Haunted Place In Hyderabad | Ramoji Film City

Development of the Ramoji City

According to a govt, the builders kept the land, which at that point consisted of jungles and mountainous tract, intact, while not removing one tree or mountain. The studio features a central kitchen for the varied film units shooting at any given point in time. People can visit film sets, theme parks, amusement rides, etc. The film city also has two hotels inside it, 47 sound stages and permanent sets starting from railway stations to temples.


It is also a well-liked tourism and recreation centre, containing natural and artificial attractions including a funfair. Around 1.5 million tourists visit the place each year.
Thus entering the borders of Ramoji city before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited. Be warned before you step within the scariest and haunted Film city of India.