Did You Know Ferrari Employees are not Allowed to Buy Ferrari Cars?

Did You Know Ferrari Employees are not Allowed to Buy Ferrari Cars?

Here is the Reason Why Ferrari Employees are Not Allowed to Buy Ferrari Cars.

Are Ferrari workers allowed to buy Ferrari?

Working for Ferrari would be a dream job for many petrol heads. However, as is commonly the case with such idealized occupations, there are drawbacks. Among the most important would be that, as an employee of the Italian supercar manufacturer, you’re not allowed to actually own a Ferrari. A minimum of not a brand- new one, according to Ferrari’s marketing Manager Enrico Galliera.

One of the most important perks of operating for an auto manufacturer is that the worker discount. From the C-Suite to the assembly line, everyone gets a crack at the company's latest offerings at a special discounted worth. Unless you're employed for Ferrari, that is.

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Why Ferrari employees aren't Allowed to buy Ferrari Cars?

"The philosophy is that with such restricted production and purchasers waiting so long to get their car; it is not nice if the car is delivered to employees. Its clients first," Enrico Galliera said.
Ferrari produces solely 8,000, cars a year,  and there’s a wait of years before buyers can get their hands on one. And that’s only for their mass-produced models.

Did You Know Ferrari Employees are not Allowed to Buy Ferrari Cars?

Why Ferrari raised: strong Earnings

Their restricted run hypercars are solely sold to a select few, on the invitation, to those that Ferrari thinks worthy. In fact, no quantity of cash will get you a Ferrari if you’re not a ‘Ferrari client’

Most often, Ferrari has a lot of paying customers for a selected model then available cars, therefore the manufacturer keeps workers out of the equation.
It’s been quite certain that all those master engineers and technicians at Ferrari are working there for reasons apart from the power to get a brand new 812 Superfast, however, there is need to be the least a  bit pang of jealousy looking at such forbidden fruit leave the factory daily.

How LaFerrari Aperta got sold?

Selling limited-edition Ferraris feels like the simplest job within the world. With the LaFerrari Aperta as an example, Enrico Galliera, the Prancing Horse’s chief promoting and commercial officer, merely sent 200 keys to the Italian supercar maker’s most popular purchases. All of them bought the open-roof model without even seeing it, and each one reportedly sold for $3.9 million, although Ferrari never in public put a price on the vehicle.