Why we have to take pasteurized milk?

Many like to take raw milk because it's tastes better in its raw form, and it contains minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Both have differentiated by calories when we talk of raw or pasteurized milk,  unpasteurized is the first choice of people due to lactose intolerant. Moreover, speculations over raw milk take it up now. It has no valid evidence which can support the advantage of raw milk over its processed counterpart.

Pasteurizing milk is safe and convenient for kids because after this process milk becomes healthier for allergic reactions, Both kinds of milk can cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to milk containing proteins and lactose.

Pasteurization helps to reduce drinking raw milk's dangerous pathogens by itself, after this we can not take milk out of the refrigerator for a time, especially after it has been opened. It kills unsafe bacteria and saves lives.

Who are advisable to take pasteurized milk:

Kids below 5 years of age

Old people

Persons infected with serious diseases

Who has a lung infection

Persons with organ transplants

Some studies have found no significant differences in the proteins and other fatty acids of raw milk and pasteurized milk, through the process may increase the digestibility of it.

It appears to have minimal impact on its digestibility and nutritional composition. However, it's significant for every age group to protect themselves from allergies and can make themselves safer.

Lactose is milk sugar, which is digested by the enzyme lactase, which is produced in your intestines, for our healthy digesting system. 

Contaminations can not be seen by the naked eye and are often not found until growth is proper.

Many studies prove that raw milk has more quantities of harmful and introduced bacteria than pasteurized milk.

Refrigeration is the best option for suppressing bacterial growth, whether raw or pasteurized.

Currently, many countries prohibited raw milk from human consumption, while others restrict its sales. 

While crude milk is more normal and may contain more antimicrobials, its numerous well-being claims aren't proof-based and don't offset potential dangers like serious diseases brought about by destructive microscopic organisms like Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria.