Three mistakes keep in mind while drinking water


Sufficient drinking water helps us for digesting. Dehydration can lead to a huge problem in digesting issues including constipation and bloating. So, Being hydrated is important for the body system, incorrectly can affect our gut health problems.

We should avoid gulping water very fast, by this our body into mini shock. In end, the nerves of the inner get affected and for a long time it will tense up causing an increase in the gives toxins and other important fluids. Well, we should drink water sip by sip.

According to Ayurveda, We have to skip drinking water after and before meals. Both reduce digestion and increase assimilation and make us obese. We have to keep a minimum gap of 45 minutes for food and water.

Please avoid plastic bottles to store because of problems like cancer due to the intake of plastic. It can also reduce sperm count in men.

Sitting water consumption after a gap of 45 minutes in meals is the best chance of developing many health conditions. While standing water consumption is unhealthy and not reaching the appropriate body organs.

Water plays an essential role in medical problems. Every human being keeps not only the body hydrated but also assists in maintaining the temperature of the body and removing toxins from the body.

This is a vital role in our body because it helps break down food for regular digestion and easy absorption of nutrients.

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