Various names of Golgappe which is differentiated by state


Golgappe or Panipuri can be declared the national love of street food by food lovers. Everyone loves their own version of various tastes, textures, sizes, qualities, seasons, etc.

Different names by states:

1.       Gujarat- Pakodi

2.       Maharashtra- Panipuri

3.       Delhi- Golgappe

4.       Haryana- Paani patas

5.       Utar Pradesh- Pani ke batashe

6.       Bihar- GupChup

7.       Assam- Phuchakka

8.       Madhya Pradesh- Fulake

All states have their customized taste as per their requirements. Gujarati loves the sweet taste as per their nature. So, they make many planes with sweetness.

Whenever we get a crowd of street vendors that is a stall of it. This is the highest popular in India. This is one of the tastiest and mouth-watering street food and this can prepare in a few minutes.

Origin of this: In ancient times Kunti gave Draupadi Some amount of Dough and a little amount of aloo sabzi, then asked the recipe how to eat and make it from limited ingredients and present with good texture. For serving their five brothers. That time Draupadi made sense and her intellect and presented pani puri in front of them. She got many compliments and was appreciated for it.

Nowadays, this is available in a ready-mix packet, which is very useful for those people, Who are live far from their houses. They get a proper taste at their place.

Bhagat ji ke Golgappe is very famous for its Fire Golagappe in Gwalior.

In many areas, food vlogger shows us different customization in it. Like: Cold, Hot, Bahubali, Fire, Chocolate, and sweet.

Puri is made from either semolina or wheat, and stuffing is mainly of aloo and white peas or chickpeas.

Pani can be available in many flavours. But the main ingredients are coriander, mint and chillies.

In the present decade, many people are worried about health. The air-fried puri is also available and one wants hygiene for those untouched by human concepts on the carts are also in the market.

Chaat has the highest market in India and this one is the easiest option for customization in taste and ingredients Like spices and pani.

Every age group person is crazy for this dish and loves it in hunger time with full interest.