Rajpal yadav, Paresh Rawal and johnny Lever and more! Is Bollywood Losing Its Ability to Make Us Laugh?

Comedy movies have their own status and time to make happy, for giving more energy to stic on our goal. Entertainment is crucial in all stages and duration. Due to this we can relieve our stress and work with good efficiency. So, this is an indirectly significant activity and evergreen virtual entertaining action. Few actors do their best to make us happy by improving their skills in it. Today we talk about them deeply.

Rajpal Yadav:

Rajpal is an Indian comedian actor, his work is awesome. He has gained widespread recognition through the best performances of his career. Recognition through his acting has been nominated for several awards like screen awards and Filmfare awards. He started his journey with the Doordarshan comedy show. Yadav has also been performed in many serious films including Ladies tailor, Meri patni aur woh.

Paresh Rawal:

Rawal is an Indian actor, comedian, producer and politician Known for his noticeable work in all categories. He is best known for his authentic work in industry, and has also worked in Telugu, a few Tamil, and Gujarati,. He won the Filmfare awards for his best performance in a comedy role in Hera Pheri in 2001 for his character Baburao Ganpatrao Apte.

Johnny Lever:

Johnny Lever is an Indian actor and popular comedian, famous for his authentic acting in the Bollywood industry. One of the first stand-up comedians in India. He is an evergreen Bollywood actor in the comedian industry. He receives many Awards for his acting career in Filmfare. He left his study at an early age which was at seven standards, and then after started his career doing a job, such as selling pens on the streets of Mumbai by mimicking some film stars of this period.

These comedian stars achieve their goal in their career and provide their best regarding their efficiency. However, as refreshing as comedy is, an important question remains: what about situations that are not funny in context? What about the stories that have a bleak history and events? To be sure, humour is most commonly found in people with simple backgrounds, but there are examples of media that have used humour to address serious issues. The art of film, in particular, has received critical acclaim for its approaches to humour in serious films.

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