Who is at risk of cell phone addiction?

Every cell phone user is at risk of developing an addiction to their device. 
Whether it’s online games, social media, text messaging, or emails.

Signs And Symptoms Of Phone Addiction

Facts about smartphone use.

Loved ones expressing concern.

Neglect or trouble completing duties at work, school, or home.

More and more time using a phone.

Checking peoples' profiles repeatedly due to anxiety.

Accidents or injury due to phone use.

Working later to complete tasks.

Cell phones are constantly being improved by expanding upon their functionalities, which in turn increases the likelihood of overuse and addiction. 

According to the Research Center, 67% of smartphone owners have admitted to checking their phone for calls or messages when their phone didn’t vibrate or ring.

This is one major sign of cell phone dependence and should serve as a warning to cell phone owners.

Chronic phone use can also cause other physical dysfunctions, dysfunction and a loss of grey matter in the brain, which are highly correlated to substance use disorders.

Digital eye strain.

The pain and discomfort associated with viewing a digital screen more over 2 hours.

Eyes begin to burn and itch.

Blurred vision.

Eye fatigue.

Digital Eye Strain can cause headaches.

Neck problems.

Also known as “text neck,” which refers to neck pain resulting from looking down at cell phone or tablet for too long.

It’s important to understand the symptoms of cell phone addiction so you can identify whether you have a problem that needs to be addressed. 

Some of the most common symptoms include the following:

You get a feeling of anxiety when your phone isn’t in reach or you don’t have cell phone service.

Your phone interferes with your daily activities, chores, and tasks.

Your smartphone usage has ruined your vacation with family or spoiled social events with friends.

 You’ve experienced injuries or harmful effects due to cell phone usage, such as neck pain or eye strain.

You lose a sense of time due to cell phone distractions.

You feel withdrawn from the physical world, distancing yourself from friends, family, and activities you used to enjoy.

Smartphone usage has put an important relationship or your professional career.

You’ve tried to limit your cell phone usage but haven’t succeeded.