Will The World End in 2052?

According to some rumours, the space rock observed by the Mount Lemmon Observatory on August 28, 2021, was on a collision course with Earth. The claim was made in 2052, but experts at the European Southern Observatory have now denied it.

The 50-meter-wide asteroid known as "2021 QM1" has been formally taken off the risk list. The expert observations and analysis performed using one of the world's most sensitive telescopes, the ESO's VLT, lead to the conclusion that the asteroid "2021 QM1" is the faintest asteroid ever seen.

With the help of these fresh observations, the trajectory of our dangerous asteroids was adjusted, eliminating the possibility of an impact in 2052, and 2021 QM1 was taken from the ESA's list of potentially hazardous asteroids. Only 1,377 more are left.

In the Solar System, more than a million asteroids have been found, about 30,000 of which are in close proximity to Earth. Many more are likely to still exist. To keep us safe, the NEOCC, the Planetary Defense Office of the ESA, and astronomers worldwide are looking upwards.

Since no one has looked into the future, we can probably state with confidence that we are secure for the time being. However, we can't say for sure if an asteroid will change its course.