The Most Expensive Coffee In London's "Ettore’s Espresso Bar", Bugatti's New Mayfair Espresso Bar, Will Serve You A £50 Shot Of Espresso

H.R. Owen Bugatti has official launched a stylish new addition to its Mayfair digs with the emergence of Ettore’s Espresso Bar, which might just be the most exclusive coffee spot in London. And, for the first time ever, this invitation-only dealership has opened its doors to the public.

One of the company’s latest hypercars serves as a café backdrop and the showroom is decorated with various company merch, like the Bugatti Home Collection furniture. The Bugatti chairs, in particular, were specially designed with the same leather and blue-tinted carbon fibre found in and on the marque’s spectacular vehicles.

Based at the French luxury marque’s London showroom in Bruton Street, Mayfair, Ettore’s Espresso Bar has been aptly named after the founder and patron of Bugatti, Ettore Bugatti. Ettore was a man who opted for only the very best in everything he did, not just for his ingenious cars, but also for bicycle frames, razors and locks – if he didn’t find a product that fit his standards, he would design his own. Ettore’s Espresso Bar is designed in his image, with a top-end Italian espresso machine – a nod to Ettore’s Italian birthplace – and a trained barista to serve up luxurious coffees to passers-by. 

With the backdrop of an example of one of Bugatti’s latest range of hyper sports cars and a showroom filled with beautifully crafted Bugatti Home Collection furniture, it’s one of the most extraordinary coffee spots in London.

The staples of cappuccino, espresso, latte, Americano, flat white and macchiato are all available for buyers or coffee enthusiasts visiting the London space, but the pièce de résistance is The Ettore Shot, an Espresso served in a Bugatti carbon fiber espresso cup. Clients who purchase The Ettore Shot, priced at £50 (roughly $60) will be allowed full access to the lounge of the London showroom and see the Bugatti – on static display – up close, as well as being able to learn more about the French luxury brand through the brand ambassadors based there.