Some of the world's most priciest oils that are a key ingredient in luxury perfumes

1. Jasmine oil - $5,000

A kilogram of jasmine oil can cost $5,000. But to get that small amount of oil, harvesters need to handpick over 5,000 jasmine buds. 

Once the flower blooms, producers in India quickly process it into one of the priciest absolute oils in the world. Today, jasmine oil is an integral ingredient in many luxury perfumes, including Dior's J'Adore, Guerlain's Shalimar, and Chanel No. 5.

2. Champaca Oil – $2,200 Per Oz

At a hefty $2,200 per ounce, Chamomile essential oil is the kind of high-end product only those who can afford the world’s most expensive yachts will have at their disposal.

As with many other expensive essential oils, it’s a popular oil for perfumes, with a floral scent that combines with a citrus note to deliver a beautiful fragrance.

The Champaca flower is part of the Magnolia family and shares its rich white flowers with attractive, elongated petals.

3. Tuberose Oil – $1,600 Per Oz

This essential oil is also widely considered to work as a powerful aphrodisiac, which no doubt explains why it fetches an impressive $1,600 per ounce. It’s one of the most luxurious essential oils you can buy, with the tuberose essence used in expensive perfumes and fragrances, as well as for aromatherapy.

Tuberose absolute essential oil is produced using the incredibly rare species of flowers cultivated in Mexico and is favored for its wide applications.

4. Frangipani Oil – $1,500 Per Oz

The oil extracted from the Frangipani flower is renowned for its powerful sweet and floral scent, with exotic spice notes adding to its intense aroma.

With such a fragrance, Frangipani essential oil is frequently used by high-end perfume makers, as well as a variety of other cosmetics you’d be hard pushed to track down outside the most expensive hotels and perfumeries.

5. Agarwood Oil – $850 Per Oz

The oil itself comes from the bark once the bark has been covered in a mold – it’s from this mold that a film of resin comes, increasing the useful properties of this essential oil. Agarwood essential oil is believed to have calming properties that increase demand and is used to treat nervous disorders and cure depression.

6. Seaweed Absolute Oil – $650 Per Oz

The seaweed used in the Absolute essential oil can be found off the coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and in the coastal regions of the North and Baltic Seas.

The original source of iodine, its blended aroma, which contains an undertone of leather, makes it an exceptional choice for a range of natural perfumes, lending it a body and depth usually found in some of the world’s most expensive coffees.

7. Elecampane Essential Oil – $560 Per Oz

The horse heal flower from which the Elecampane essential oil derives from resembles the more familiar sunflower plant and is used for a variety of purposes. This rare species of plant is used for essential oils, and the results when using this highly prized and extremely rare plant are much more pleasurable than its alcoholic counterpart.

As well as being used to create absinthe, this rare species of plant is used for essential oils, and the results when using this highly prized and extremely rare plant are much more pleasurable than its alcoholic counterpart.

Elecampane essential oil is also noted for its ability to support a healthy immune system and improve circulation.

8. Sandalwood Essential Oil – $492 Per Oz

Some of the most expensive perfumes in the world are made using Sandalwood, which is commonly grown in India and is widely used for various purposes. Sandalwood essential oil is an expensive solution to a range of health issues, including coughs and the common cold, as well as a selection of skin conditions. 

Trees used for sandalwood oil need to be aged between 40 and 80 years old if you want to extract the full benefits from its wood, which is drawn out of the tree’s roots.

9. Neroli Oil – $354 Per Oz

Neroli essential oil is a creation of the distant past, having first been produced in 17th century Italy and worn by Princess Anne Marie Orsini of Nerola.

As you might expect from an essential oil made for the influential – and incredibly rich – Orsini family, this oil costs an impressive $354 per ounce. Created from the flower of a bitter orange tree, Neroli essential oil actually gives off a sweet scent and is used by perfume makers looking for a sweet and spicy aroma.