Know about 2B Gamer in Free Fire MAX, K/D Ratio, Win Rate

Garena’s Free Fire MAX is among the most popular title in the mobile battle royale genre with millions of active users all across the globe. Here in this article, we will take a look at 2B Gamer Free Fire MAX ID, k/d ratio, win rate, YouTube channel, monthly earnings, and more for July 2022.

2B Gamer’s Free Fire MAX ID is 133688778. He is ranked Master in Battle Royale and Diamond III in Clash Squad. 

Sandesh has made appearances in 16659 games and has triumphed in 3622 out of them. He has made 55676 eliminations and has maintained a kill-to-death ratio of 4.27.

In the duo mode, he has played 3099 matches and clinched to victory in 455 of them. With 9565 frags, he boasts a k/d ratio of 3.62.

2B Gamer has outsmarted his foes in 230 out of 1759 solo matches he participated in. He has claimed over 4971 lives to maintain a K/D ratio of 3.25.

The content creator has appeared in 145 squad matches and has secured 28 Booyahs in this mode. He has made 536 eliminations for a K/D ratio of 4.58.

2B Gamer has made participation in 5 duo games and is yet to clinch to his first victory in this ranked season 28. With 24 frags, he boasts a kill-to-death ratio of 4.80.

Sandesh is yet to appear in his first solo ranked game in the ongoing BR-ranked season.

The YouTuber has also made 3094 appearances in duo matches and has outclassed his enemies in 455 matches, translating to a win rate of 14.70%. With 9541 frags and 3842 headshots, he possesses a K/D ratio of 3.62 and has a headshot percentage of 40.27%.

Sandesh has also played 16518 squad games and boasts 3594 first-place finishes, converting to a win rate of 21.75%. In the process, he has amassed 55144 kills and 22680 headshots while upholding a K/D ratio of 4.27 and a headshot percentage of 41.13%.

2B Gamer has become a top Nepali YouTuber, and he started his journey only a few years back. The oldest video on his channel is from October 2019, and he presently has more than 1130 uploads. Among these uploads, the most-watched video has gained 27 million views.

According to Social Blade, 2B Gamer has gained 180 thousand subscribers and 17.258 million views in the previous 30 days.