Guru Purnima 2022 : Know about The origins of Guru Purnima & history

Guru Purnima is celebrated annually on the full moon day in the month of Ashadha. As per Hindu customs, this day is observed to honour the spiritual gurus or teachers for guiding us.

The origins of Guru Purnima can be found in the Vedic period. The word itself has Sanskrit roots. The event is observed by Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists as a way to show gratitude toward the gurus.

Guru Purnima is regarded as an auspicious occasion for Buddhists. It is believed that on this day Lord Buddha gave a sermon. It is also recognized as Vyasa Purnima because this is the day when Mahabharata’s author, Ved Vyasa, was born.

We commemorate this day to express our gratitude to our gurus for their dedication and selflessness in nurturing a child. On Guru Purnima, we celebrate the special bond between students and teachers. In today’s time, teachers have the greatest influence on students’ lives. They not only transfer knowledge and teach co-curricular and extracurricular abilities, but they also help kids develop the morals and life skills that help them deal with the outside world.

The festival holds a deeper meaning and fascinating history. Gautam Buddha, the founder of the Buddhist faith, is believed to have given his first sermon on this day. After five weeks of achieving enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, Buddha went from Bodhgaya to Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh. There he gave a sermon on the full moon day.