Free Fire Max: new Foodie top-up event arrives in-game. all details and rewards

A new event has started in Free Fire MAX from today. In this, players are getting many great items as a reward. 

Players who play Garena Free Fire MAX eagerly await events, as they give them a chance to get tons of cool items as rewards for free. Diamonds are usually needed to buy these items, which are bought with real money. Top-Up events are a great way for gamers to earn rewards by buying diamonds cheaply. 

They can buy diamonds through this and on buying diamonds, they get some item as a reward. A new Top-Up event has started in the popular battle royale game. In this, players are getting many items including Deadly Baguette as a reward. Let’s find out how to get them. 

Garena often announces these kinds of top-up events for the players. In these events, gamers can acquire legendary rewards by topping up diamonds. The Foodie Top-up event is already up and running and will be available for a week. So, there is enough time for gamers to get the most out of it. Here is the post of a leaker sharing details on the event.

There are three items up for grabs. For buying 100 diamonds in-game, players will get the Deadly Baguette. Gamers will receive the Banana Dagger by topping up 200 diamonds. Along with these items, gamers can acquire Ginger Beard by topping up to 500 diamonds. Users can click on the ‘plus’ option to have overviews of the items.

What is Top-up event in Free Fire Max

Purchasing diamonds (Garena Free Fire in-game currency) by using real money is termed a top-up. Gamers usually purchase diamonds to obtain legendary rewards such as new bundles, skins, characters, vouchers, items, and pets. These kinds of events always excite the community. Gamers always wait for the event to get these items at huge discounts. So, the players will have enough chances to claim desirable rewards at a reasonable cost from the event.

Diamond price

100 diamonds cost 80 rupees

310 diamond cost Rs 250

520 diamond cost Rs 400

1060 diamond cost 800 rupees

2180 Diamond price Rs 1600

5600 diamond cost Rs 4000

This means that players can get all three items by purchasing a total of 1060 diamonds.

How to get reward?

  • First of all open Free Fire MAX on your device .
  • After that click on the calendar icon coming on the right side of the home page.
  • Then go to the Events section. There, click on the option of Foodie Top Up.
  • After this, the top up option will come in the right side. Click on the option of the number of diamonds you want to buy.
  • Buy diamonds and then get rewarded.