Free Fire Max Garena to announce Rate Up event

The success of recent web events, Garena is looking to introduce yet another one. Web Events in Free Fire present an opportunity to claim the rewards at a low spend. According to numerous leaks, the next web event will be the Rate Up event which will be available in-game after a gap of more than six months. The event will feature six M1887 skins and many other exclusive items.

Rate Up in Free Fire is one of the rarest events which allows gamers to have a 10x chance to collect rewards. It is one kind of spin-based event. So, an element of luck always plays a crucial role in collecting rewards. Popular data miners have already released videos sharing the upcoming gun skins. As per leaks, the event will start on 6th July and will be available until 12 July.

Free Fire Max Rate Up Event Rewards

There are six variants of the M1887 gun







Here are all the attributes of different gun skins

The incendium burst possesses a double-positive Fire Rate, positive Damage, and negative Movement speed while Golden Glare features a double-positive Fire Rate, positive range, and negative reload speed. Players have to pick one of the skins to have a better chance to win. 

Alongside the M1887 skins, leaks also suggest that gun skins of UMP and Groza might also be up for grabs. However, these are currently at the speculation stage. Gamers must wait for the official confirmation.

Players have to spend diamonds to obtain the above-mentioned items. A lucky draw will be introduced and gamers have to spin by spending diamonds. Each draw will cost around 25 Diamonds. For, 10 draws players will be handed an additional draw. So, users have to spend 250 diamonds for a total of 11 Draws. However, players will have the opportunity to reselect the grand prize. So, these are the ways to collect the rewards.