Bugatti Dips Toes In E-Mobility With New Electric Kick-Scooter, selling for $1,200

Luxury automaker Bugatti has partnered with Bytech to release its first e-scooter the Bugatti 9.0. The Bugatti 9.0 is a kick scooter with a top speed of 18.5mph (30km/h) and is foldable. The Bugatti 9.0 scooter offers a range of 22 miles (35km) and it is already on sale for between $900 and $1,200.

Bugatti is well known for its super-fast and expensive luxury cars. The French automaker is a late entrant into the two-wheeler market. Bugatti 9.0 is the culmination of Bugatti’s partnership with electronic accessories maker Bytech. The diminutive Bugatti 9.0 comes with a lightweight, shiny, and foldable design. It weighs less than 16kg and has a magnesium alloy frame.

The Bugatti 9.0 e-scooter sports a nice-looking design. Its packaging ensures you’ll get your product without any scratches or damage. There is sufficient lighting for night trips. The lighting includes the headlight, tail light, and front/rear turn signals. Deck lighting and the EB projection monogram beams at the rear. The LED display provides ride information and notifications like battery capacity and range.

The Bugatti 9.0 can be charged using its charger which is part of the accessories. The kickstand is sturdy and there is a lock that latches the handlebar when the e-scooter is folded. The 9-inch tires of the Bugatti 9.0 run without suspension in place. The e-scooter has a dual brake system consisting of a front handbrake and electronic ABS at the rear.

The Bugatti 9.0 is on sale for $1,200 via the Bugatti Scooters website. Three colors were available namely: silver, black, and Agile Bleu. Some Costco outlets still have models for $900. The silver-colored model seems to have been sold out.