An AI Designs the apple car, This is what it made

With the mind of AI, The Apple Car Designed by the Dall-E 2 based on the text prompts from designer, educator and YouTuber John Mouriello, this Apple car is attractive for a number of reasons. Morillo called on AI to design “a minimalist sportscar inspired by the MacBook and Magic Mouse, made of aluminum and glass”, while also specifying it to design something in the style of Jony Ive, former Apple design chief. 

The AI ​​churned out several images, using those text-based cues as a reference point. It correctly understood terms such as ‘sportscar’, ‘MacBook’, ‘magic mouse’, ‘aluminum’ and ‘Jonny Ive’. Curiously, Morillo didn’t mention the word ‘Apple’ anywhere in his hint, but the AI ​​got the hint. Eventually, it figured out those terms, and designed something that made sense, rather than just mixing stuff together. 

The car looks quite amazing, and has a sleek, curved quality, with a machined aluminum body and zero brakes in the surface.

It produces variations based on the same prompts as to how the AI ​​engine works. This results in images that are linked, but not necessarily identical, making AI a great exploratory and ideal tool. There are some parts where the AI ​​is clearly messed up, like the fact that the car on top has front wheels that aren’t touching the ground, or some of the images after, where the car doesn’t even have a windshield or windows. Huh. In practice these may be drawbacks, but conceptually, AI sums it up well. 

Unlike other Apple Car concepts, which are either too outrageous or too boring and ‘car-like’, this AI-generated sportscar is sheer perfection. It helps that the AI ​​also used amazing dramatic chiaroscuro-style lighting to bring out the surfaces of the car! 

This isn’t John Morillo’s first rodeo with an AI-generated design. He’s also made an incredibly comprehensive YouTube video about artificial intelligence in the context of design and human creativity, which is a must-watch in my book. DALL-E 2 is currently only open to a restricted group of people, though you can sign up to be on their waiting list.