WhatsApp Update - WhatsApp users can now hide their Last Seen, Profile Photo, About from specific People

WhatsApp was reportedly working on a feature to let users hide their Last Seen, Profile Photo and About section from specific people.

WhatsApp is finally rolling out the feature for WhatsApp Android beta users.

In order to get the latest feature, users will have to upgrade to the latest WhatsApp beta for the Android version.

Its availability was limited like in the beta period, but the company has announced that it will finally be released for all its users worldwide on iPhone and Android devices.

Until now, users had three privacy options for one’s profile photo, last seen, and About info – Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. These are joined by a fourth option called ‘My contacts except…’ which is also available for Status privacy, as per GSM Arena.

The new option allows users to show their WhatsApp profile photo, last seen, and About info to people in their contacts list except those they wish to exclude.

However, it’s worth noting that if someone doesn’t share their last seen with others, they won’t be able to see others either, just like read receipts, with the only difference being that the latter will always remain active for group chats, even if they’ve turned it off.

One can head over to WhatsApp’s Settings > Account > Privacy menu on iPhone and Android devices to try this new privacy control.

Aside from rolling out a new privacy control, WhatsApp also announced some group calling features, allowing users to mute others during a group call and send messages to specific people. One can also see a banner when someone joins a group call off-screen.