Today Horoscope June 11, 2022

The pressure has been building and it’s all feeling like a little too much. You want to blow some steam off by partying it out with your soul squad. Reserve a table at your favourite spot and step out in your sparkliest suit. You’ve earned your time off, Aries. The only thing you want to be mindful of is when to call it a night.

You’re being asked to reach out to your crew: the friend who perpetually lives off-the-grid, the friend who seems to be caught up with family and other responsibilities, the friend who seems to be vacationing at the closest spots across the country. Remember, we don’t really know what’s going on with the people in our lives until we make an effort.

There are so many thoughts racing through your head. Instead of getting caught up in the mental gymnastics, step away from the scene of crime. Get some distance. Focus on self-healing. Make time for breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness. Prioritising your inner journey will help you get through the trials and tribulations of the outer world.

The good thing, emotional intelligence is one of your strongest suits. That, and your ability to make people feel seen and heard. Use this to your advantage today. As such, the weekend is bringing with itself the opportunity to mix and mingle with the right crew. Kindred spirits who share your vision and are just as inspired to bring about change in the collective consciousness. 

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt, Leo, and by somebody we mean you. What the cards are urging you to do today is practice moderation. There are many ways to have fun that leave you without a hangover of regrets the next day.

Your ability to act as a mediator can make you indispensable at work. A good beginning is foreseen for some young entrepreneurs. Positive results of your hard work will be quite apparent on the health front. A family friend is likely to give good health advice. Help on the academic front will come to those seeking it. Dream of driving a big car is likely to be fulfilled for some.

Loan that had been eluding you will only come through your persistence. Mentally stressed are likely to take up yoga or meditation. Some of you are set to enjoy the fruits of your labour. A family member may add to your prestige by his or her achievements. Adventurous types need to be careful while experiencing a thrilling outdoor activity.

A financial tip can prove profitable and get you some good business. Your skills are likely to bring you to the notice of people who matter. A change of air will do wonders for both your physical and mental being. You may have to handle a family member under depression. 

Strict discipline in spending will keep your financial situation healthy. Some of you will manage to establish yourself firmly on the professional front. A happy mix of diet and exercise promises to keep you fit as a fiddle. You may resent playing to someone’s moods on the home front. Helping out people at a grass root level will win you many well wishers.

You will be able to make good decisions on the financial front. Your fitness mantra will ensure total fitness. Marketing personnel may need to rethink strategy. You will keep your near and dear ones happy by devoting extra time to them. Travel can be a good option to unburden the mind.

Your investment choices are likely to hit the bullseye. An out-of-town business deal is likely to prove profitable. A balanced diet will find you hale and hearty. A suitable marriage proposal for someone in the family is likely to be received. An out-of-town trip cannot be ruled out for some.