Monsoon Is Here : Easy tips and tricks to keep your home mosquito-free

The camphor therapy

Camphor is a traditional therapy to get rid of mosquitoes at home. The pungent smell it produces repels mosquitoes effectively. There are varied formulations of camphor available in the market that can be used to kill mosquitoes. A very simple, effective and age-old way to use this anti-repellent is to keep it in the pot and lit it inside a closed room for 30 minutes. Camphor tablets can also be opted and placed in a bowl of water to drive the mosquitoes away.

Essential oils 

Mosquitoes despise the fragrance of essential oils like lavender and tea tree. This is yet another best therapy to bid adieu to insects and mosquitoes that comes out during monsoon. If you have a closed space where you cannot keep the planters, then spraying the scents of these essential oils can become your favourite magical potion. You can also apply drops to your body to avoid any mosquito bites.

Maintain good hygiene and clear out any standing water

They said that prevention is better than cure! You can protect yourself and keep your home mosquito-free by maintaining proper hygiene, and cleanliness and emptying any stagnant water in or around your home. Make sure to clean potted plants and uphold good drainage in your garden, bathroom or balcony as the gathered water is the favourite ground of breeding for mosquitoes.

Add in some mosquito repelling plants

Natural and effective way to protect against the breeding of mosquitoes is bringing the medicinal plants home. Herbs like basil are quite poisonous to insects and the leaves can even kill the mosquitoes. You can put this plant nearby your doors or windows to reap the maximum benefits. Moreover, you can use crushed leaves as your natural repellent and apply them all over your body for protection against bites. Citronella, lemongrass, lemon balm, rosemary and lavender can also be used for protection against mosquitoes.