Know About How countries got their Nicknames

Sri Lanka - India's Teardrop

Sri Lanka, the small island off the coast of the Indian subcontinent known for its unique and glorious beauty, is affectionately called "India's Teardrop" because of its teardrop shape and its closeness to the southern coast of India.

Iceland - Land of Fire and Ice

Few countries today evoke such primordial visions as Iceland. The raw, intimidating, and majestic landscape of glaciers, colossal igneous rock formations, and active volcanoes give Iceland the apt nickname of the "Land of Ice and Fire."

Ireland - The Emerald Isle

Ireland has always been associated with the color green, and for good reason. The island nation's heavy, year-round rainfall makes its lands some of the lushest in all of Europe; truly an emerald shining in the Atlantic.

France - L’Hexagone

The French's affectionate nickname for their homeland is fairly self-explanatory. While the shape of the nation isn't a perfect hexagon, it does have roughly six main sides, hence the nickname.

Canada - The Great White North

Canada is known as the snowy crown on top of the Americas, a land with towering mountaintops and crystal clear glacial lakes. With the Canadian Arctic accounting for 40% of the second-largest country on earth, it's easy to understand why it is known as the "Great White North."

Mexico - The Navel of the Moon

Although much of Mexico's indigenous culture and history has been sadly hidden from popular sight, the nation's nickname stands as an enduring testament to the old languages of Mesoamerica. In Náhuatl, an old Aztec language, the word "Mexico" is a combination of the words Metztli (moon), Xictli (bellybutton), and co (place). Or, in rough translation, the "Navel of the Moon."

Egypt - The Gift of the Nile

The Nile River, apart from being the longest river in the world, is immensely important not only to Egyptians, but to humanity as a whole. Since civilization first started to crop up along its banks, the gift of irrigation and rich soil in an otherwise dry area was essential to Egypt becoming one of the oldest and most enduring civilizations in the world.

Bulgaria - Land of Roses

Bulgaria has long been associated with its breathtaking natural growths of roses. Deep in the Rose Valley, the Rose Festival is held every May and June, where thousands of locals and visitors rise before dawn to pick fresh roses by hand. This, added on to the fact that Bulgaria produces the most sought-after rose oil in the world, makes it clear why this country is known as the "Land of Roses."

Croatia - Land of a Thousand Islands

The jewel of the Balkans along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia's nickname is fairly straightforward. Off the Croatian coast, over a thousand tiny, uninhabited islands can be found dotting the pristine waters.

Italy - The Boot

One of the most famous nicknames of any European country, Italy earned this playful nickname due to the shape of the Italian Peninsula, which shares a striking resemblance to an upside-down piece of footwear.

Norway - Land of the Midnight Sun

Nearly half of Norway rests within the Arctic Circle. During the summer, the sun never quite dips beneath the horizon, bringing entire months of uninterrupted sunlight. Hence, the nickname.

Ukraine - The Bread Basket of Europe

The vast, grassy steppes and endless farmlands of Ukraine have earned it the nickname of the "Bread Basket of Europe." According to the CIA World Factbook, Soviet-era Ukraine produced 25% of the grain for the entire Soviet Union.

Vatican City - The Holy See

The Catholic city-state of Vatican City, the smallest country in the world, is routinely referred to as the "Holy See." While modern vocabulary may make this nickname confusing, "see" was once used as a noun, originating from the Latin word sede, meaning "seat." 

China - The Red Dragon

The dragon has been an important symbol in Chinese culture for thousands of years. In the days of empire and dynasty, the dragon was often used to symbolize the emperor's strength and wide-reaching influence.

Singapore - Lion City

The reasoning behind Singapore's nickname may be more obvious than you might think. In Sanskrit, singa pura translates directly to "lion city." Legend has it this is the name Prince Sang Nila Utama gave to the land when he first arrived, after spotting an animal that may or may not have been a lion.

North Korea - The Hermit Kingdom

Ever since North Korea all but closed itself off from the rest of the world, it has often been referred to as the "Hermit Kingdom." The East Asian country's borders are some of the most impenetrable in the world, and the tight restriction of information in and out of the country prove the accuracy of its nickname.