Instagram Updates: New features, expands Reels to 90 seconds

The Meta-owned platform said that it is now extending the length of Reels up to 90 seconds, which will help users express their most authentic selves on Reels.

Meta on Thursday announced a series of updates and new features for its Reels on Facebook and Instagram. While Instagram Reels' length has been extended to 90 seconds from 60 seconds, users can now also import their own audio directly. Instagram Reels will now also have the option of adding stickers, poll, quiz and emoji slider stickers.

A new feature also lets creators poll their audience on what should happen in their next video so that they can help shape the storyline themselves.

The Meta-owned platform said that it has recently launched Templates, which allows users to easily create a reel using another one as a template. It pre-loads the audio and clip placeholders, so all users have to do is add and trim their unique clips.

The company said:

"You will have more time to share more about yourself, film extra behind-the-scenes clips, dig deeper into the nuances of your content, or whatever else you want to do with that extra time".

"Use the import audio feature to add commentary or background noise from any video that is at least five seconds long on your camera roll".

"Make sure that you like how your voice sounds in the recording because others might use it in their reels, too!"