Free Fire MAX June 2022: : How to get cheap diamonds and skins

Free Fire MAX offers a premium quality survival experience to its users. They can get amazing in-game dynamics like explorable maps, weapons, utilities, and many other items to get the ultimate battle royale experience.

Diamonds are the in-game currency used to purchase items like Elite Passes, weapon skins, pets, characters, outfits, and emotes. However, not all gamers can spend money to acquire these skins.

Hence, they are always looking for legit ways to get diamonds for cheaper rates and then get their hands on these desired skins.

Pointers to get affordable diamonds and skins in Free Fire MAX

1) Special Airdrops

One of the best ways to get cheap diamonds and lots of other in-game items in Free Fire MAX is with the help of airdrops. These facilities are sent to players randomly for their stellar performance in different game modes.

They can click on the airdrop to see various exciting rewards. Other than diamonds in airdrops, some fantastic prizes are weapon crates, emotes, vouchers, and cool-looking skins.

2) Google Opinion Rewards

The second method FF MAX gamers can get cheap diamonds is by downloading Google Opinion Rewards. The app has an easy-to-learn interface.

Users can earn real money by simply answering some easy surveys sent to them in the application. The money is sent to their Google account and can be redeemed in different places.

3) Membership

To purchase any of the two membership plans, players must click on the card option beside the diamonds icon on the upper left side of the screen.

Monthly membership

Price:  INR 159 Diamonds received upfront:  100Daily check-in: 50 diamonds daily with a maximum limit of 350Other rewards: 8x Universal EP Badges, Discount store privilege, and 1x Second Change

Weekly membership

Price:  INR 799 Diamonds received upfront:  500Daily check-in: 70 diamonds daily with a maximum limit of 2,100Other rewards: 60x Universal EP Badges Discount store privilege, 5x Second Change, and Weapon Skin Gift Box