Bosma Aegis The best Smart Door Lock in your budget

Ensuring the security of one’s property is a crucial aspect that needs a priority. Unfortunately, door locks have been prone to easy damage nowadays. Therefore, an innovation in the traditional lock and key system is required so that there is no compromise with security. Moreover, they are easy to operate for specific devices.

Bosma's Aegis Smart Door Lock is one of the devices with many helpful features that aim to enhance the security of your home and office from intruders. Let's check out the features of this device. 


●  Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock: Auto-Lock and Auto unlock feature doesn’t require carrying keys. The Aegis detects the smartphone's Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for the Auto-lock & Auto-Unlock feature. 

●  An Advanced Encryption: The unauthorized access to the home is blocked off as the device has an AES 128 bit advanced encryption. This feature detects unwanted break-ins and ensures the safety of property from outsiders. 

●  Remote Access Feature: The lock can be operated from anywhere and anytime. Along with this, access can be provided to the family members and the guest so that they can move in and out accordingly.

●  Siren Alert: After getting a Break-In Alert, a siren is triggered to notify someone unknown attempting to get inside the house.

The connectivity options include both WiFi and Bluetooth. The device is well integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home as well. Moreover, there is an in-built standard remote unlock feature and phone unlock. The door lock use 4 AA batteries that are given inside the package. The door battery can last-long a maximum of 6-month for basic usage, and these batteries are replaceable. 

An in-built door detection system is also available in the device that signals you to close the door if left open. The function is carried out without involving magnets or any additional sensor. Bosma App can monitor the activity of the door lock. 

The device is highly affordable, being worth the money spent. Therefore, the people who live on a rental basis can go for it as it would not damage the house. It has received several positive reviews on different online shopping applications and websites, making it one of the most popular door locks in the U.S. Moreover, you will get a 1-year manufacturing warranty as well.

The installation of the device is quite easy as it does not require the replacement of the deadlock. You’ll be able to use the regular lock and key as well. A screwdriver is all you need for the installment of the device. Therefore, no extra effort is required to remove the door lock. The most important thing is that it almost goes with every kind of deadlock.