Rolls-Royce introducing the next expression of Boat tail ,an original masterpiece made its public debut at the 2022

Hand-built by the world’s best artisans, designers, and engineers, this custom-made creation is a tribute to the owner’s father, whose origins in the pearling industry grew into a family business.

Rolls Royce won't comment on how much the Boat Tail's anonymous buyer paid for their car, but it's safe to assume the car is worth several million dollars at least.

Rolls Royce scattered nods to that family history throughout the Boat Tail.

The hand built car's design is inspired by the racing yachts of the 20th century, Rolls Royce said.

Its swept back, wraparound windshield evokes the look of a motor boat's windscree

Its front grille is machined from a single piece of aluminum, and its Spirit of Ecstasy emblem is made of rose gold.

Inside the Boat Tail, there's a clock made from mother of pearl supplied by the buyer.

The Boat Tail's rear section is its pi ce de rsistance.

The veneer was selected by the owner for its stunning maturing abilities. Over time, it will transition to the tonal properties of the bonnet colour, cognac. Walnut veneer inlaid with rose gold pinstripes gives it a nautical look, like a boat's deck.

Two panels open wide to reveal what Rolls Royce calls a hosting suite.

It has everything owners need for a seaside picnic or the most extravagant tailgate imaginable.

The right side of the picnic center is home to dishes and silverware.

Little tables swing out on either side of the car, and folding stools are stowed below. A shading umbrella pops out from the center of the rear deck.

The left side holds champagne flutes and wine in a refrigerated compartment, of course.

Boat Tail's instrument dials, control switches, and fascia clock are crafted from lustrous mother-of-pearl supplied from the owner's personal collection.