Interior designers share living-room plans that'll be huge trends in 2022

Open concept living rooms

Before the pandemic, open-concept floor plans were popular because they make entertaining and connecting easy, but they're starting to decline in popularity.

"Open-concept living has been popular for quite some time, but as more people have begun working from home these past two years, this proves to be an unproductive use of space and often lacks functionality and balance," 

🏡Living rooms will include more nature.

Alice Chiu, principal designer at Miss Alice Designs, told Insider that we can expect to see natural elements, such as wood and plants, in various forms across living-room spaces.

The warmth and character of wood is beautiful and people are naturally drawn to it. Allow the wood to shine and be the focal point.

Besides using wooden elements as a statement piece, Chiu also recommended bringing greenery such as succulents, philodendrons, spider plants, or even larger fiddle leaf fig trees into the living room.

🏡Asymmetrical layouts and designs are in style.

Nina Takesh, celebrity interior designer, told Insider that asymmetrical pieces are having a moment.

"Sofas like those designed by Vladimir Kagan in organic shapes are really prevalent right now," Takesh said. "Asymmetrical pieces are also being highlighted in many forms, whether it's mirrors, side tables, or even coffee tables, asymmetry is very much in style for 2022."

🏡Durable, more stain resistant fabrics are a must.

Erika Lee, owner and interior designer at Decorating Den Interiors, told Insider that furniture with family-friendly fabrics — ones that can withstand a bit more wear and tear — will take over living rooms in 2022.

🏡Brown is gaining popularity as a neutral.

Lance Thomas, lead interior designer at Thomas Guy Interiors, told Insider that people can expect to swap shades of gray for brown as the new trending neutral.

"I think people are realizing that gray isn't the only neutral that can be used to ground a space," Thomas said. "I think brown, as a neutral, can provide comfort and a humble confidence to a room. It warms up the room without screaming for attention."

🏡Pastels are in bloom.

Mary Patton, interior designer at Mary Patton Design, told Insider that we can expect to see more pastels in living rooms.

"Dare I say, gray is over and color is in," Patton said. "Pastels are a great way to stay a bit more traditional in living rooms without overdoing it."

In terms of which pastel shades are most popular, Patton said she's seeing an increase in blush and pale pinks throughout living rooms.