Horoscope: Astrological prediction for May 25, 2022

Get started on something you have been procrastinating about, especially if it is connected to your profession. If somebody is not playing ball with you, get firm and take him or her to task. You will keep your body in tune by remaining regular in your workouts. This is a good time to earn something from a property possessed by you. A contentious family issue will be settled amicably.

Routine will remain good and your partners will remain co-operative. You will remain active at work. Various cases will pick up momentum and deals will become agreements. You will achieve success in business and you will continue doing commercial work. Business will remain at risk. Necessary goals will be accomplished. The plans will go ahead.

You are likely to get better opportunities on the property front, so don't be hasty. At work, things remain in your control, as you are able to exercise your authority. A social commitment is likely to get you involved. Networking will help in securing your academic goal. An increase in earnings is indicated for some.

You will be interested in religious and spiritual matters. Personal relationships will be strong. You will keep your promise in front of your beloved. Your romantic front looks exciting. Mutual trust will be strengthened. Relationships will improve. You will meet loved ones and friends. You will get desired offers. You will speed up plans in business. Long distance travel will be made. Notable achievements can be made. Sudden gains are possible.

Will increase focus on personal matters. The opposition can show momentum. Will increase rapport with family members. Will give advice. Avoid haste. Insist on privacy. Respect the relationship. Keep your emotions under control. Pay attention to yourself. Be serious about health signs. Increase caution. Morale will remain high. Avoid carelessness.

This is a great day to spend with your near and dear ones. Organizing a picnic or a sightseeing trip cannot be ruled out. A celebration on the professional front may remain on a low key. A repair job may prove more expensive than anticipated. You may have to cater to someone, even if you don’t want to. A property being auctioned may bring some into serious money. Some builders may start thinking in terms of a township soon.

Will increase the happiness of friends. Will be effective in matters of mind. Will meet loved ones. You can get good information. Will move forward fast. The focus will be on the goal. Career will be successful. Make a priority list. Will keep time management. Action will be effective. Compatibility in commercial work will increase. 

You are in for an excellent time today. Those indulging in betting or speculation will find money flowing in. You are likely to excel in whatever you are involved in and make a niche for yourself. Good budgetary planning will boost your savings. You will stay ahead in maintaining relationship. You will be better in emotional matters. Will respect everyone. Personal matters will be favourable. Love relations will be sweet.

You may need to remain consistent to make your mark on the academic front, so put in renewed efforts. A new acquisition is likely to add to your prestige. A chance to show off your skills is likely to establish you firmly at work. Food habits will improve. Morale will increase. Keep a proper check on food.

Health remains satisfactory through own efforts. Making a mark on the professional front is a foregone conclusion. Qualifying in a competition is likely to open the doors for a promising future. Your focus and hard work will help make you earn more than before. Good understanding with spouse is likely to bring him or her even closer to your heart. 

Family members will help you. Your close friends will support you. Respect will increase. Be comfortable in relationships. Necessary information can be achieved. Avoid over sensitivity.Make the most of this time. Avoid taking risks. Have faith in the system. Be aware of health signs. Do not show haste in professional matters. There may be disruptions in travel. Be dedicated to the goal.