Want to become a wine taster or wine connoisseur? here are the guidelines.

A wine taster, also known as a sommelier or connoisseur, is a person who checks a wine for its flavour, colours, smell, texture etc.

Wine tasters build expert knowledge of win with studies as well as experiance, their feedback is valued & appreciated by wine lovers and wine brewers.

­čŹĚEligibility to become wine taster:

1. Diploma inn wine tasting: A course of 1 year or 6 month duration.
2. There are several wine tasting academies in india that offer short-term courses in wine tasting.
3. One of the most widely recognized courses in wine tasting are the WINE SPIRIT & EDUCATION TRUST courses which are offered by approved institutes all around the world.

­čŹĚTypes of job roles:

Wine writer
Wine critic
Wine lecturer
Wine Journalist etc.


The starting salary in india lies in the range of RS.10,000 to 20,000
Wine Taster with good experiance can earn Rs.50,000 P/M.

­čŹĚThere are three parts to the master sommelier exam:

Blind tasting: The examinee must identify key characteristics of six wines—grapes, region of origin and vintage year—in 25 minutes.

Oral exam: Examinees take an oral exam with two masters, involving discussion of wine theory for 25 minutes.

Service portion: The examinee practices serving instructors as mock restaurant patrons. Instructors might act as difficult customers to test the applicant’s customer service skills.

Candidates must memorize the intricacies of every one of the 10,000 wine grape varietals in the world in order to receive the master sommelier diploma and become a certified sommelier.

professionals who have experiance with international projects can also demand much higher salaries in wine tasting.