Top 10 Best Brain Games for Android

1. Brain Dots:
Brain Dots is an insanely popular Android game where you need to connect two distinct balls by drawing a path between them. I personally love playing this game and recommend you to play.
Brain Dots is a game that helps you to develop your brain cells and help you to improve your concentration while reading or writing. It comes with a lot of levels, and difficulty increases with the increase in the number of levels.

2. Sudoku:
We all played Sudoku or at least saw it somewhere in newspapers and magazines. It is one of my favorite brain games from a younger age. Sudoku is a simple logical brain game in which you need to place a combination of numbers to fill the columns, sections, and rows to use every number in a particular range. Sudoku is a fun logical brain game that helps you to improve your mathematical skills.

3. Elevate – Brain Games:
Elevate is a trendy brain game similar to Lumosity and comes with more than 35 games to play. It helps you to record your progress with a personalized profile. You can view your daily stat and decide the strongest and weakest points to improve yourself.It comes with an in-app purchase that unlocks Elevate’s premium features, including detailed insights, personalized tasks, etc.

4. Brain It On:
Brain It On is one of my favorite brain games that helped me to grow my cognitive skills. In this game, you need to complete a given task by using your physics knowledge and logic. You’ll be given a particular task, and you need to draw some object or patch to complete that particular task.

5. Orixo:
Orixo is a new kind of brain game where you need to decide on certain numbers to fill the given tables and shapes. It comes with more than 320 levels with awesome puzzles that will sharpen your mind. Orixo gameplay stand-out because it comes with some very relaxing soundtracks.

6. Lumosity:
Luminosity is one of the most popular brain training games out there, and there are some pretty good reasons for the high distinction. Like Elevate, Luminosity’s stable of over 25 games adapts to your individual performance, creating a custom-tailored brain training experience for every single user.

7. Impulse:
Another well-designed brain game, Impulse offers many of the same features as Elevate, Peak, or other such brain training apps. There’s a strong emphasis on memory games and problem-solving with Impulse so if you’re looking for specific puzzles or exercises, this might be the app for you. Despite all of the apparent paywalls, Impulse is free to use.

8. Scrabble GO:
Everyone’s favorite competitive spelling game is available as a mobile app. And, sure it isn’t billed as a brain training game. But, if you want to improve your vocabulary, test your concentration, and have some fun while doing it, then this is the app for you. There’s a lot of fluff here.

GEIST combines the best parts of a brain game with a proper meditation app, keeping your mind calm, sharp, and focused. Play through memory and concentration games to improve your brain connectivity. Or, you can use GEIST as a way to relieve stress with simple meditation and mindfulness exercises. 

10. Vocabulary Builder:
If you want a very targeted grain game, this might be the one for you. Vocabulary Builder is a simple, straightforward app designed to boost your personal word count. In all honesty, it’s a relatively basic app. But, it’s effective for helping you learn new words and find synonyms for words you already know.