Know About All new designed Toyota Mirai 2022

      mid-motor, rear-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door sedan

      XLE, $50,455; Limited, $66,955

According to the EPA, the Mirai goes 402 miles per tank in XLE form, or 357 miles in Limited form, with the LE achieving better efficiency than the Honda Clarity.

Toyota also says that the Mirai cleans the air as it's driven—creating "minus emissions."

Much of hypermiling involves at the very least, taking extraordinarily long to reach a destination. But it's a good thought exercise for seeing how much efficiency you're potentially leaving on the table by adapting to normal driving speeds and patterns.

Wearing one of Toyota's most beautiful designs, the 2022 Mirai sedan looks like it rolled straight out of a future where boxy SUVs are so passé. Its flowing lines and upscale appearance distract from its true party piece, which is its hydrogen-powered propulsion system. Acceleration is leisurely from the onboard electric motor, but the Mirai is a zero-emission option that lets drivers refuel in mere minutes rather than waiting around at an EV charger.

EV Motor, Power, and Performance:

The Toyota Mirai is powered by what’s called a fuel-cell electric powertrain, meaning that hydrogen is converted into electricity by the on-board fuel cell—essentially a chemical laboratory on wheels.

Fuel cells create electricity by stripping electrons from hydrogen atoms; the hydrogen then bonds to oxygen to create water, while the electrons power the electric motor. 


Two grades―the standard G grade and the high-end Z grade―are available. Both grades are equipped with ample and comfortable rear seat space, and the "Executive Package," with enhanced comfort as a luxury vehicle, is available.


     60 mph: 9.1 sec
     1/4 mile: 17.0 sec
     Top speed: 106 mph


     Combined/city/highway: 65–74/67–76/64–71MPGe
     Range: 357–402 miles