Indian Education: Advantages of Modern Indian School Education System

 1.  E-learning: E-learning is a very great revolution for the Indian education system which plays a vital role in increasing the knowledge of the student. Not only colleges are providing resources for study but there are many more websites on the internet from where students are getting their required amount of resources.

2. Top class universities and boards: If I will talk about higher education that is intermediate then there are two boards that are ICSE and CBSE board which are providing education rather than state boards. We all know that the education quality of CBSE and ICSE board is so good that anyone can study to enhance their future.

3. Employment Increases: There is a big thing launched in India after increasing the Indian education system that people are not even employed but they are also self-employed. This is a very big step from the Indian government so that people are able to make money without any other reference or without any other company. This is a very big and beautiful thing of India that people are getting aware of self-employment.

With the advancement of education, India has seen an excellent development within the field of economy. People are less unemployed and some of them are even freelancing or rather self-employed. One of the best positive things is that child labor has gone down to an excellent extent. There are also reservation systems available for the socially underprivileged people.

- The vast area of subjects covered ensures that students have knowledge about as much as they can.

- Some subjects teach students about the long lost culture of India, which they should be aware of.

- Since students learn so many subjects, some of them find it easier to determine what field they want to pursue a career in.

- Subjects like Economics and English help students in their day to day life.