How To Make Delicious Wine Out Of Oak Leaves

Preparation time and bottling will only take a mere 40 minutes or so and standing time can be as little as 90 days.

2 x brown paper bags of cleaned, washed oak leaves

1 x  regular sized piece of fresh ginger

2kg x of white sugar (or 1.5kg) if you prefer your wine more dry

500g x chopped raisins

15g x yeast

Firstly, grab your cleaned oak leaves in a ovenware dish that is big enough for one whole bag.

Once the leaves are inside, boil some water and pour over the top. Make sure there’s enough water to full submerge all the leafs.

Soak the leaves inside the water for 5 days, then strain off the liquid through a muslin cloth or sieve.

Once the liquid is separated from the leaves, reheat and boil the liquid, adding in your ginger root and desired sugar amount.

After 30 minutes of boiling, remove from heat and add your chopped raisins and yeast.

Completely cover the liquid and allow to ferment for 16 days.

Once fermented, strain the raisins and ginger from liquid.