Here are How to get Microsoft certification? & how it helps you to get job easily.

A Microsoft certification affirms your technical skills concerning performing certain Microsoft technology-related positions. Microsoft offers more than 250 certifications for different levels of expertise based on associated exams, and you may need to earn them in sequential order. The typical cost for an exam is $165.

👉Types of certification:

In early 2021, Microsoft shifted its product-based certifications to role-based certification models. Certifications were retired for:

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)

Microsoft Solutions Developer (MCSD)

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)

👉Follow these basic steps to earn a Microsoft certification:

1. Determine the certification you need
There are many certifications available in varying degrees, so you’ll need to determine which one is most beneficial for your career. Consider asking your manager if there’s a specific certification they prefer you obtain.

2. Study or complete training courses
While training is not required, you may consider finding a trainer to help you prepare. If a trainer is not in your budget, you can use an at-home test lab. Practice the labs in the books you have purchased or received from your trainer. 

3. Take a practice exam
A low score on this practice exam is fine and will motivate you to study. It is normal to score low, especially since the material will be new to you.

4. Renew your certification
You may need to renew your certification every year. Make sure you know if and when you need to renew your certification so you can continue to list it on your resume.