Dining Etiquette & Table Manners that Everyone Should Know And Follow


There are only TWO correct ways to hold, and TWO ways to use your silverware.

1. Hold the utensil like you would a pencil. It should be resting between the tips of your pointer finger and middle finger with your thumb on top to hold it in place. The end of the utensil should be resting on the webbing of your hand.
2. Hold the utensil like you would a surgeon’s scalpel. The tines of the utensil should face downward. and the end of the handle should be touching the center of your palm. Your remaining fingers grasp the utensil to hold it in place.


👉Placing the napkin :
Placing the napkin in your lap is the first thing you do when seated at a table. It is respectful to wait for the host or hostess to place their napkin on their lap first. We recommend folding the napkin into a large triangle or rectangle, giving yourself several clean surfaces to work with in case you soil one side. Never crumple your napkin into a ball or wear your napkin as a bib. Whenever you leave the table in an informal setting, you may place your neatly folded napkin to the left of your place setting.

👉Rules for Soup : 
Soup should always be ladled away from you in a small scooping motion.

1. The soup is served in a small cup without a large lip around the outside.
2. All of the solids (vegetables, chicken, etc.) must be gone with only the broth left.
When finished, your soup spoon should be placed on the plate that the soup was served on as illustrated to the left. Never leave your spoon sitting in the empty bowl. 

👉Resting Position :  

👉THANK YOU Notes :
- A formal greeting and salutation
- A display of gratitude
- Something unique, special or memorable about the event, gift or gesture
- Details that show you remember the party and had a good time