Meet First Activated Robot : Sophia

 is a social humanoid robot developed by the Hong Kong-based company Hanson RoboticsSophia was activated on February 14, 2016, and made her first public appearance in mid-March 2016 at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, United States.

computer vision algorithm processes input from cameras within Sophia's eyes, giving Sophia visual information on its surroundings. It can follow faces, sustain eye contact, and recognize individuals. It can process speech and have conversations using a natural language subsystem.

On November 21, 2017, Sophia was named the United Nations Development Programme's first Innovation Champion for Asia and the Pacific.

Sophia was given Saudi Arabian citizenship, and became the first robot to receive citizenship of any country. 

A Little Sophia costs between $99 and $149, depending on when it's ordered.

Sophia’s Artificial Intelligence innovation enables you to build your insight and language through sensors and cameras. This ‘sensitivity’ system catches all the data it gets from an external perspective and imitates human practices in the most normal manner conceivable, even signals.

Now, it will be interesting to see what type of mother Sophia will become and will her robot baby will cause controversies just like her mother?