Have you ever thought what would happen if an asteroid threatens to hit our world?

After watching a movie like Armageddon, have you ever thought what would happen if an asteroid threatens to hit our world??

we will take a journey on asteroids, the threats posed by asteroids, and how we can be protected from asteroid strike in this article.

With an asteroid hitting the Earth; dust and smoke rising in the atmosphere prevents sunlight from reaching our world and causes the total temperature to drop. This event can lead to the death of many living things. If an asteroid the size of an apartment hits Earth, this blow could possibly destroy a small city.

It's difficult to imagine 1 million megatons, so let's try some smaller sizes. Let's say that an asteroid the size of a house hit Earth at 30,000 miles per hour. It would have an amount of energy roughly equal to the bomb that fell on Hiroshima — perhaps 20 kilotons.

NASA launched the Lucy mission to study the Trojan asteroids in Jupiter's orbit. NASA's Psyche mission will launch in 2022 to study a metal asteroid up close. Then in 2023, we should see some grains of dust land on Earth from asteroid Bennu.

How much energy does an asteroid have?
An asteroid, as a rough estimation, would create a crater about 10 to 20 times the diameter and destroy an area of about 100 times the size of the crater. An asteroid with a diameter of 1,000 m at the moment of impact will have 46300 Megatons of energy, creating a crater with a diameter of over 13 km.

It is totally acceptable to worry about an asteroid crashing into the Earth, even though most asteroids are smashed before they enter the Earth's atmosphere. Just like the asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, they can leave their orbits and hit the Earth.