Who Are The Taliban? | A history Behind The Militant Group | Afghanistan 2021

Who Are The Taliban? | A history Behind The Militant Group | Afghanistan 2021

Afghanistan-Taliban crisis since decades

In the Pashto language, 'The Taliban' means “students”, emerged in 1994 around the southern Afghan area of Kandahar. It had been one among the factions fighting a war for control of the country following the withdrawal of the land and the subsequent collapse of the government. 

It originally drew troops from so-called “mujahideen” fighters who, with the support from the USA, repelled Soviet forces within the late 19's. In just 2 years the Taliban had covered most of the country, claiming Islamic emirates in 1994 with a harsh explanation of sharia.

US-led forces almost removed Taliban from the power during 2001, but the group has been reactivated in recent months and is now about to control entire Afghanistan again. By 11 September, the USA government announced to withdraw their military from Afghanistan. Because of this, the Taliban took major cities and now they have reached the countryside of the capital Kabul, Afghanistan. 

The Taliban is directly connected with the USA back in 2008 and in February 2020 the two sides struck a peace deal in Doha that committed the US to withdrawal and therefore the Taliban to prevent attacks on US forces. Other assurances included forbidden the al-Qaeda group and other militants to control in areas it controlled and beginning with national peace talks. But in the following year, the Taliban continued to concentrate on the Afghan army, citizens and advanced rapidly across the country.

How the United States of America helped the Taliban? 

The US, which is in such a rush now to induce out of Afghanistan, spent almost a trillion dollars over 19 years in military expenditure in either directly fighting the Taliban.

Now, it seems that the Taliban are the higher business venture in Afghanistan getting more bangs out of their buck than the USA. Looking at it purely from an economic point of view, the Taliban's return on investment (ROI) is recouping by the day; no wonder that they appear so pleased with themselves as they quickly fill the gap being left by the dislodging people and NATO forces; their business is flourishing; the prospect of upper profit almost a reality as Afghanistan readies itself to pay the worth of defeat.