Describe A Street Market In Your City | IELTS Cue Card For Speaking Part 2

Describe A Street Market In Your City | IELTS Cue Card For Speaking Part 2

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Cue Card

The cue card is the second part of the IELTS speaking exam that will test your ability in (English) language fluency and speech. Through a professionally qualified specialist in speech and linguistics, it is done face-to-face by video call appointments to score you. 

You are given a cue card with a subject or a topic you’re going to chat concerning on the spot.

Describe A Street Market In Your City

  • Where is it 
  • What can you buy there
  • What is it famous for?
  • How you feel about it
For one to two minutes, you will have to talk about the topic. Make sure that you speak for a whole of two minutes and not waste time pausing and hesitating.

Model Answer

  • Streets markets are a highly popular phenomenon in a lot of cities around the world.
  • They not only provide a variety of products in different categories but also support the local economy as well.
  • Street markets around the world are set up daily, weekly or monthly!
  • These markets are standalone events in themselves, and going to shop in them can be quite a wonderful and satisfying experience.
  • Actually, our locality is one of the main and busiest areas in the city and has one such market too.
  • This market is set up each day, near the main crossroads nearby my place. It is indeed quite large and contains more than a hundred makeshift shops.
  • This market is quite an old one and it is active for the last 10 years.
  • The local government arrangement has helped the people here a lot and has created separate spaces for the shopkeepers.
  • I also go there to purchase few things every now and then. The first time I went there to brought glossaries for household purposes such as vegetables, fruits, and other routine items.
  • As soon as I went inside the market area, I found that it was certainly crowded. people were walking in all direction, hurrying to buy things.
  • With little difficulty, I purchased the necessary things and then sat down on a bench to relax.
  • It was a hot summer day hence I decided to relax along with a glass of sweet lemonade and some locally made sweets.
  • All the vendors and shopkeepers are very humble and provide/sell goods at very reasonable prices.
  • Those who come here for shopping definitely enjoy some bites of different types of Indian snacks that are easily available here.
  • So overall it is a wonderful and a famous street market of my city that people love to visit to do their shopping.