What Do You Know About The Start Ups | IELTS Cue Card For Speaking Part 2

What Do You Know About The Start Ups | IELTS Cue Card For Speaking Part 2

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Cue Card

The cue card is the second part of the IELTS speaking exam that will test your ability in (English) language fluency and speech. Through a professionally qualified specialist in speech and linguistics, it is done face-to-face by video call appointments to score you. 

You are given a cue card with a subject or a topic you’re going to chat concerning on the spot.

What Do You Know About The Start-Ups

  • What are the advantages
  • What can be the potential disadvantages

For one to two minutes, you will have to talk about the topic. Make sure that you speak for a whole of two minutes and not waste time pausing and hesitating.

Model Answer


Well, every now and then we come across new start-ups and a vast majority out of those is related to the service industry. The fact is that there is a huge potential in the service industry and technology has allowed people to put start-ups into practice easily. 

Since most people, these days use the internet and prefer to talk services online this is perhaps the reason why more and more youngsters especially trying their luck in start-ups.

What are the advantages:

The biggest advantage of these new initiatives is not only making people self-employed but also creating job opportunities for others. At the same time, today's youngsters are highly ambitious and they want to become successful in no time and these start-ups help them to make their dreams come true.

For instance, a few years ago Byju's an online learning platform came into existence and today it is a billion dollars company and likewise, start-ups like Zomato and Ola have turned into multi-million dollars businesses and have created job opportunities for numerous individuals.

What can be the potential disadvantages:

Unfortunately, being influenced by the success of few start-ups more and more people are getting involved in this race without much knowledge and experience. As a ramification, most businesses fail, in fact, force these starters to use unfair means. That's why the online scam is proliferating day by day.


Ultimately I would like to say that start-ups are the future and these new start-ups are going to shape the new world.