Will Vaccinations Be Free Across The India?

Will Vaccinations Be Free Across The India?

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Free. This is a word that lures not only the poor but also the rich. The word free has always prevailed in India. Free is a synonym for the temptation that is given to please the voters, to get their work done in the government system. But what if this free word dominates politics? Thus, politics in the name of Free has been going on in the country since 1971. But the politics we are talking about today is something different. The resultless discussion that is going on is free .. free .. free.

This is not about giving away a gift for free, but about controlling the epidemic. To eradicate the disease that has plagued India for the last one year. And politics in this too. See what the situation is.

One of the most talked-about words in the country these days is a vaccine. But now another new word has been added to it, which is a free vaccine. The vaccine will come when it comes, but the debate is now on whether vaccination will be free across the country. The general public will also get the vaccine for free. Not to answer this question but to present some facts regarding this question.

Free is politics before vaccines come to India. But what about the countries that have approved the vaccine? In fact, it is also interesting to know which countries are planning to give their citizens vaccine-free. Israel has set a new record for free vaccines.