Why Do You Say 'Hello' When You Pick up the Phone?

Why Do You Say 'Hello' When You Pick up the Phone?

Do you know why Hello is called as soon as you pick up the phone?

Today, everyone has a mobile. When you pick up your phone, you first say hello to the person in front of you and the person in front of you starts talking about hello. But do you know why Hello is called?

Today the first spoken word on the mobile phone, whether it is country or abroad, is Hello. Actually, hello was invented to increase interaction between people. This word became so fast that today even in a country of different languages, this single word is being spoken in the same way as it is spoken in other countries.

People used to say these words before Hello

When people started using it after the invention of the telephone, first they used to ask Are you there? The term was used to let them know whether their voice was heard or not.

Graham Bell's girlfriend was named Margaret Hello

Graham Bell's name is always remembered for his invention of the telephone. You'd be surprised to know that Graham Bell's girlfriend's name was Margaret Hello, and when Bell invented the telephone after years of hard work, he made two telephones of the same kind, one the telephone Graham gave to his girlfriend.

After this, Bell first called his girlfriend after removing all the technical flaws. On picking up the phone, Graham Bell first called his girlfriend's name 'Hello' with great affection. Whenever he used to call Margaret, he would say 'Hello'. In this way the trend of saying hello started picking up the phone.