'Electric Mushrooms' Found In This State Of India | Emit Light At Night

'Electric Mushrooms' Found In This State Of India | Emit Light At Night

Its speciality is that it is shining at night which everyone is surprised to see.

A new species of mushroom was found in Meghalaya, India. Scientists have named it Roridomyces Phyllostachydis. It was first seen near a water source in Mawlynnong in the East Khali Hills district of Meghalaya. It then also appeared in Krang Suri of West Jaintia Hills.

Explain that this mushroom has been discovered by a group of Indian and Chinese scientists. These people were researching species of fungus in the forests after the monsoon in Assam. During which he saw electric mushrooms. After which scientists reached Meghalaya and started searching for it. And now this species of mushroom found in the forests of Meghalaya has been included in the list of 97 shining mushrooms in the world.

Amidst the rains in the dark of night, when scientists reached the forests of Jaintia Hills and Khasi Hills in Meghalaya, they were surprised to see the electric mushroom. Such mushrooms are called bio-luminescent mushrooms. In the dark of night, it appears to glow in light blue-green and purple. These mushrooms that glow at night look like ordinary mushrooms during the day.

Wildlife expert Gautam Barua says this species of mushroom is called Roridomyces Phyllostachys, which leaves little light at night. This mushroom emits light at night so that the spores on it spread to other places in the forest through insects and increase the number of mushrooms. In Meghalaya, these mushrooms grow near bamboo roots in bamboo forests.

These light-emitting mushrooms are spread in the forests by insects to increase their population. With this, they grow with moisture from the bark, stem, ground, which is a special type of fungus. Till now only 97 species of light-emitting mushrooms have been detected. The temperature should be 21 ° C to 27 ° C for this mushroom to spread. It is not very difficult to find them but you have to roam in the forest at night to find it.