Death Takes Place After Drinking The Water Of This Lake

Death Takes Place After Drinking The Water Of This Lake

There are many dangerous lakes in the world, whose secret has not been known till date.

There are many lakes in the world, some lakes are such that no one has known till date. Some lakes are quite darwin. Today we will tell you about one such lake. It is said that anyone who drinks the water of this lake (Lake Fundudzi) is unable to survive and dies soon.

The lake is in Limpopo province of South Africa. It is called Lake Fundudzi. According to local people, the rumour that a leper had come here for a long time in ancient times, but here he was not given food and shelter by the people. It is said that after that the person cursed the people and entered the lake and disappeared from there.

Locals say that from inside the lake, there are voices of submerged people crying and drums. The people there also say that this giant lake on the mountains is protected by a giant dragon. To appease this dragon, every year the Venda Adivasi organizes a dance festival, in which Kuvari girls dance.

How did this lake become?

Funduji lake was formed in ancient times due to a landslide that blocked the flow of the Mutali River, and it is now a mystery that the river's water is very clean, but what is it that anyone who drinks its water dies She goes. Till date, it has not been known what is happening in this lake that after drinking its water, a person dies.

Death occurs only after drinking lake water

Many attempts were made by investigators to unravel the mystery of the lake's water, but no success was achieved. It is also said that in 1946 a man named Andy Levine came here to find out the truth of this lake. He went with some water from the lake and some nearby plants. But on the way back, he lost his way. It is reported that Andy Levine kept wandering the way until he threw water and plants. At the same time, he died a few days after the incident.