Top 7 Latest Trends In Women's Fashion 2020

Look at the dress forecast for the spring of 2020 

From corsets to sleek leather skirts and bottoms, New York Fashion Week fashion shows have created a new wave of trends for women. Let's see What are the new trends in 2020? What you like to wear?

Trends in women's fashion 2020

1. Shoulder

But when it comes to exaggerated shoulder width, it will remind us of the 80s, when exaggerated shoulder pads on mother's clothes don't know if you still miss, like wider shoulders, more temperament. Later, broad shoulders were once thrown into the cold castle, more and more shoulder-shoulder suits began to appear, and fashion tends to be less and less artificial. This year, the bold show has returned to the fashion show.

2. Bra

Of course, this will remain until you get out of work. The design philosophy of the designer is that by showing your belly, you can feel that you are covered. As suggested by the course, choose a high-waist bottom to cover more.

3. Leather

There is no doubt that leather is the material that everyone is happy to use in the next season. While some brands are actually built on this look, more and more designers are looking for new ways to incorporate this soft material into their work.

Trends in women's fashion 2020

4. Extremely high side seam

In the spring of 2020, the side creases are higher than at any other time, so embrace and uncover your long legs. This easy cut carries another attractive pattern to your skirt, which keeps you cool as the temperature rises. In the event that you need more cover, you can wear enormous pants or cloth pants.

5. Chiffon and Tulle

Designers accepted the idea of "less is more" in the next season, along with chiffon and tulle to create a lighter look. Because this material is basically transparent, it's time to show off your prettiest bra.

6. Fluffy Sleeve

Not to miss the style of the 70s at this year's fashion show. A slightly flared sleeve with a 60's miniskirt or print dress seems cute and not annoying.

Trends in women's fashion 2020

7. Sequins

The sequin is a symbolic design that expresses feminine characteristics. It has been popular in the 1960s and 1980s. Today, it is another comeback. At this year's Fashion Week, sequins have been able to hold big scenes under the influence of big-name designers, and sequential elements can be seen in many designs.