What Inspired Bhuvan Bam To Come Up With Such Ideas?

What Inspired Bhuvan Bam To Come Up With Such Ideas?

Gaining over 18.3 million (and counting) subscribers is not a feat Bhuvan Bam expected to ever achieve.

A couple of years ago, Bhuvan Bam was your typical college kid, he had an evening job as a singer at a Mughlai restaurant in Delhi. Today, he is one of the top YouTube superstars of India by sheer dint of hard work and a smattering of luck. So, what set this seemingly ‘just another college-goer’ on the trail to becoming a YouTuber and consequently, an almost overnight success?

“Before starting my YouTube career, I wont to play music at a restaurant. YouTube was never a neighbourhood of my plan,” admits Bam. “One day, I was checking the video quality on my phone when I saw the news on TV about the floods in India. One reporter asked a woman about how she felt on having lost her son, within the floods. This was, naturally, a wrong question to ask. Miffed, I made a satirical video on it and uploaded it online. That is how I took baby steps into the YouTube world.”

Soon after, he launched his channel “BB Ki Vines” in 2015 and now has over 2 billion views and 18 million subscribers. What makes the channel relatable is that it's a few middle-class guys and therefore the problems revolving around him and his family. “Vines was a famous app within the U.S., back then; I borrowed the name from there but never used the app,” he adds.

Titu Mama, from Bam’s “BB ki Vines” could also be a beloved character, and thru a segment, Titu Talks, Bam has featured many B-town celebs on his channel — his interview with Shah Rukh Khan garnered over 17 million views.

Ask BB about how he can create such comedy fictional characters almost effortlessly, and pat comes his reply, “The characters are pure observations. I spend a substantial amount of your time brooding about them and their way of talking/acting.”

School and Collage Memories

However, becoming a YouTube sensation was the last item on Bam’s mind, while at college — for a brief while, he had evinced an interest in archaeology. What then, brought about this sea change? “Every child thinks archaeology is about digging up land to find dinosaur remains and gold. I had the same intentions. I chose commerce while at college but didn’t get admission for B.Com in any college, supported my marks. Hence, I decided to pursue History Honours, which I eventually graduated in, from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College.”

I scored 74% but my parents weren’t as disappointed as most are lately. 90% aa Gaye hote to shayad tab shock ho jaate because I used to be never that sort of scorer. I consistently used to score just well enough and 74 was a pretty good achievement for me ~ Bhuvan Bam

Singing as a career

Bhuvan Bam had always been interested in singing and wanted to become a musician too, after class XII, which got his parents sceptical. “They weren't completely fine with the thought of me singing at the restaurant, and put their foot down.

What Inspired Bhuvan Bam To Come Up With Such Ideas?

My parents, especially my mom wanted me to pursue B.Com honours during my undergrad. I had, for this very reason opted for commerce in my final years of faculty. I might have gone for it too, on the other hand, my percentage gave me only a couple of options to travel for in Delhi University.

New Challenges

Today, becoming a YouTuber for a career isn't unprecedented, and is actually fast gaining popularity. But a few years ago, this was not the case in India. Bhuvan Bam says that he had never imagined a career on YouTube. “I had some jokes in mind and I just did it for fun. I never realised when this became a full-time profession. There were not many challenges as I went with the flow, stupidly of failure,” he admits.

Message for all Youngsters 

Every year, tons of scholars undergo the inevitable stress of exam results. But, is it really worth it? During my board exams, just one thought kept me awake and worried: Number acche Nahin Aaye toh? I always had Gates, Steve Jobs and Sachin Tendulkar as my excuse for not studying because: Unhone bhi toh drop Kiya Tha. Aur aaj Dekho, legends!

What Inspired Bhuvan Bam To Come Up With Such Ideas?

But these success stories are one during a million. Are you ready to take such a risk? I was not. Studied day n night, scored nearly 75% and made it to an honest college which gave me an honest encouraging company and opportunities.

Today after 3 years of my graduation, I realise how wrong were people and friends around me who believed that life is going to be a multitude if you don’t score well in class. A lot of my friends who scored below 60% do better than those that boasted their 80+ certificates. A toddler needs to convince his/her parents.

Initially, my parents looked down upon the very fact that their child was performing during a restaurant where people are busy eating and nobody gives a damn. You need to possess a heart to heart discussion together with your parents and make them understand your passion and dreams. Try and bring them into confidence and invest all of your efforts to realize your goals. Goal digger bano gold digger nahi!

To all those that have achieved something in life: Always invest your confidence in people younger than you, always tell them that whatever they're doing, they're doing good and the future seems better. Try and guide them and proper them once they do wrong. Try and support them in any which way possible to form it work for them. Because you've got seen the struggle, your struggle is additionally your experience. Help them together with your expertise and help them carve a far better route towards their aims. Never be a boss, be a frontrunner and lead your young ones to the trail of prosperity. Because of aaj woh Jahan hain, tum bhi wahan the. Angel bano or full-on support Karo.

There’s a lot #BeyondMarks and I’m sure tum kuch Kar dikhaoge! So yahi confidence rakhke yeh #Marksism ko hatao or chill Karo! Or options dherr sarre hain.

Bhuvan Bam YouTube Channel: BB Ki Vines